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Introduces you to the structure of the combined grinding dust c

  • combined grinding dust collector adopts separate chamber air shutdown and dust cleaning technology to enable dust layer to settle. In this case, the pressure of pulse valve and filter bag will also be reduced, so the fatigue degree will definitely be reduced at this time, and the service life of filter bag and pulse valve can be improved later. This is the end of its use performance can be more of the way. We dust into the middle box and the lower box will precipitate the dust particles into the ash bucket and then adsorb the dust to the filter bag under the influence of the air flow, and the air that is close to the completion of purification will be discharged in the later stage. combined grinding dust collector adopts the shaking cleaning method, the filter type is internal rate type, working principle: filter box, shaking cleaning device, fan local and air intake and ash removal device.

    Below, take you to understand the structure of the combined grinding dust collector:

    First, cylinder structure. Considering the stability of the structure and operation, it is more appropriate to design the bag dust collector into a cylindrical shape, especially in the case of not being afraid of pressure. From the current situation, the combined grinding dust collector and the combined grinding dust collector of the purified gas are often designed to be cylindrical, such as the bag dust collector for blast furnace gas.

    Second, plate shell structure. The shell of the dust collector is surrounded by flat members, and this structural form of the box can be prefabricated in the factory, and then assembled with temporary bolts at the construction site, and then the joint welding seal. The plate structure of the bag filter, usually in the height direction, such as the length of the bag below 6 meters, can be a piece to the top, such as the use of 10 meters long bag can be divided into two sections, the general box interior should be supported.

    Three, skeleton shell structure. The filter bag chamber of this kind of structure is composed of columns and beams, columns are set up around the box, and there are multiple beams connected between the columns, and then the wall plate is attached to the beam column to form a closed enclosure of the box. The advantages of this upper box structure are that there is no support inside the box, more filter bags can be arranged, the clearance between the filter bags is large, the air permeability is good, and the inspection is also convenient. The whole box is strong and the stiffness is large, but the disadvantage is that the steel consumption is large and the weight of the equipment is increased.

    combined grinding dust collector The main reason for the bad shaking mechanism is the joint bearing. In practice, if the hole of the joint bearing is worn long, the rocker rod hardly moves when the rocking motor is running. The reason is that when designing this mechanism, the rocking time is stipulated to be 30s, so this time is sufficient. There are two joint bearings in the rocking mechanism, the above one is connected with the motor eccentric, the following one is connected with the rocker crank, and the bearing connected with the eccentric wheel runs in a circular motion, while the other only does reciprocating motion. Accordingly, the above bearing connected with the eccentric wheel has a large operating amplitude, and it is also easy to heat. When the continuous running time is less than 30s, there is no problem with slight heating. If the running time is extended to more than 1min, it will heat up, which will seriously burn the bearing. Therefore, the shaking cleaning time cannot be arbitrarily changed when selecting the combined grinding dust collector.

    Talk about the box design of the combined grinding dust collector:

    First, the box adopts air tightness design, good sealing, excellent sealing materials for inspection doors, leak detection with kerosene during the production process, and the air leakage rate is very low.

    Two, combined grinding dust collector inlet and outlet air duct layout is compact, small airflow resistance.

    Third, the maintenance and bag change can be carried out in separate rooms under the condition of non-stop system fan and normal operation of the system. Filter bag mouth with elastic expansion ring, sealing performance is good. The filter bag keel adopts polygonal shape, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel, prolongs the life of the bag, and is easy to unload the bag.

    combined grinding dust collector because of the use of separate chamber air stop pulse jet cleaning, the purpose of cleaning can be achieved in one blow, so the cleaning cycle is extended, the cleaning energy consumption is reduced, and the compressed air consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue degree of the filter bag and pulse valve is also reduced, thereby doubling the life of the filter bag and valve disc.

    5. combined grinding dust collector adopts the upper bag pumping method. After the skeleton is extracted during bag changing, the dirty bag is put into the ash hopper at the lower part of the box and taken out by the manhole, improving the operating conditions of bag changing.

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