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Management of silicone flat perforated drainage tube

  • The storage room for disposable sterile items in the operating room is located in the surgical area, with laminar flow equipment, which is centrally placed and placed on the storage shelf according to types, such as sutures, drainage tubes, gloves, gauze, syringes, etc., with clear marks and reasonable use of space. In line with the requirements of hospital infection, the articles are 20cm away from the ground, 5cm away from the wall, the temperature is 18~22℃, the temperature is 40%-50%. Classification placement, standard setting.

    During the operation, all disposable low-value consumables will be picked up by the traveling nurses in the operating room from 2 PM to 4 PM every day to the disposable sterile items reserve room, and the collected items will be placed in the operating room standby cabinet. Placement requirements: 1. The required items in the work are positioned, quantified, placed neatly, and clearly marked. 2. Item classification, the same type of items together, the use of the same color label, indicating the name of the item, the quantity, easy to identify. 3. All items are first in, first out. 4. The traveling nurse in the operating room checked, sorted, filled and returned to the position every day. Check the sterilization date regularly to ensure the sterilization effect. 5. Remove the stolen goods in the work area in time, keep it clean and dry, and prevent the occurrence of hospital infection. The production of low-value consumables refined storage rack can perfectly meet the needs of the hospital, through the flexible separation of the internal compartment of the medical basket, different categories of consumables are divided, classified management, to maximize the use of space; At the same time, the compartment area is marked by various label plates, and labels of different colors and names can be made to facilitate identification; When taking items, it meets the management requirements of first-in-first-out. The medical basket itself has certain bacteriostatic performance to ensure a sterile environment; Close arrangement between baskets, high-density storage, avoid space waste.

    Strictly manage the disposal of disposable low-value consumables after use. The hand-washing nurse will strictly classify the disposable low-value consumables after use as medical waste, such as blades and stitches should be destroyed in the sharp instrument box; Suction link tubes, syringes, gloves, etc. are put into special yellow plastic bags and disposed of as medical garbage. Prevent the outflow of disposable items, reduce contact, effectively control the spread of pathogens, and control the occurrence of nosocomial infections.

    The head nurse formulates inspection rules and standards. Regular inspection and separate spot checks, timely detection of problems and timely treatment, including the disposal of post-use items.

    The management of silicone flat perforated drainage tube by the refined storage rack of low-value consumables has achieved good results. The items are placed in a clear and orderly manner, shortening the access time, effectively ensuring the smooth operation, first-in-first-out to avoid the expiration of items, saving expenses, and checked by the traveling nurse every day, filling to avoid the trouble caused by the shortage of items to the operation. At present, disposable items are more and more widely used in surgery, and unilateral management by head nurses is not enough. Only by adopting such scientific and efficient refined medical equipment, developing reasonable management methods, and everyone participating in management can we achieve scientific and orderly management, while increasing the working enthusiasm and initiative of operating room nurses, improving work quality and work efficiency.

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