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combined grinding dust collector In which industries

  • In recent years, according to the requirements of users, the equipment manufacturers have changed the combined grinding dust collector to the upper cover form, so that the repair and maintenance of the filter bag can be operated without entering the filter bag room. Pulse control instrument using pressure difference method. Improve the service life of the diaphragm - At present, the domestic factories and mines in the use of combined grinding dust collector generally reflect that the diaphragm life of the pulse valve is short, and spare parts are in short supply. The working conditions of the maintenance personnel are provided through the movable cover plate at the top of the dust collector. With upper cover and maintenance condition - combined grinding dust collector external filter type continuous cleaning. The filter bag room is on the dust bearing air flow side, when the side door is used, the dust collector not only can not enter the filter bag room during operation, but also the working conditions of the maintenance personnel are bad when the machine is shut down for maintenance. The fatigue strength of the domestic diaphragm is only 40,000 to 50,000 times, and the life of the diaphragm is about 1 month, which makes the spare parts of the diaphragm become the burden of maintenance work in the combined grinding dust collector used by various factories and mines. At present, the domestic production of bag dust removal equipment, the resistance of the dust collector is limited to 120 mm water column range. The main reason is that the domestic combined grinding dust collector generally adopts a regular periodic blowing method, that is, every 30-60 seconds, 0.1 to 0.3 seconds each time. The fatigue strength of the general diaphragm, the index is L50,000 times, under the condition of continuous operation of the dust collector, the diaphragm life is 2/3 months. The correct selection of filtration speed, the purification rate of the dust collector - the filtration speed of the combined grinding dust collector is directly related to the dust resistance of the dust collector and the dust concentration of the inlet of the treated flue gas.

    combined grinding dust collector maintenance:

    1, when starting, should first turn on the compressed air to the gas storage tank, turn on the control power, start the ash discharge device, if there are other equipment in the system, should start the downstream equipment.

    2. When the cloth bag dust collector is working normally, the ash discharge device cannot stop working, otherwise, the dust in the ash hopper will soon fill up and overflow into the bag room, forcing the combined grinding dust collector to stop working.

    3. The oil-water separator in the gas storage tank and air source triplet should be polluted once per shift, and the oil-water separator should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, and the oil mist should often check the oil storage and refuel in time.

    4. If the electromagnetic pulse valve fails, it should be swept away in time, if there are impurities and moisture inside, it should be cleaned, and if the diaphragm is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

    5, management personnel should be familiar with the principle of combined grinding dust collector, performance, use conditions, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.

    6, the use of timing cleaning controller, should regularly determine whether the cleaning cycle is accurate, otherwise should be adjusted. The use of fixed-resistance pulse controller should regularly check the working condition of the pressure switch, whether the pressure port is blocked, and clean up.

    7, reducer, ash transport device and other mechanical moving parts should be in accordance with the provisions of the oil and oil change, found abnormal phenomenon should be swept in time.

    8, shutdown, after the process system stops, should keep the combined grinding dust collector and exhaust fan continue to work for a period of time to dust the moisture and dust in the equipment, note that When the combined grinding dust collector stops working, the combined grinding dust collector is cleaned repeatedly (manual cleaning can be used), and the dust on the dust filter bag is removed to prevent the influence of moisture and paste the bag.

    9, stop, do not need to cut off the compressed air source, when the fan is working, to provide compressed air to the lifting valve cylinder, to lift the valve open state.

    10, regularly determine the process parameters of the bag dust collector, such as smoke volume, temperature, concentration, etc., if abnormal, should find the cause and timely disposal.

    The dust removal rate (or dust removal rate) of the combined grinding dust collector is related to the type of filter material and the condition of dust attached to the filter material. Generally speaking, the dust removal rate of the new filter bag is low. When the dust attached to the filter bag reaches about 2-3g/m2, the dust removal rate can exceed 90%; When it reaches 150g/m2, it can be exceeded (according to the common dust concentration of 2.5g/m3, the former takes about 1min, the latter takes about 1h). After the filter bag is cleaned, there is still some dust, and after a period of periodic filtration and cleaning, the residual dust tends to be stable. At this time, the dust removal rate will generally remain greater than, if used properly, even more than 90%. Under normal conditions, its dust removal rate for the submicron (particle size <1um) part of the dust is usually greater than 90%.

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