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Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas — Session 4

  • The Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Fourth hour is a session of Support and Palintonicity (4–5–6). Transmission and support are goals for the client that is running concurrently in sessions four and six. By the Ten Series fourth session the sleeve should be at ease so that a deeper layer can be affected.

    Support is vital in the structure and should be resourceful after this Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth session. Support from the second and third hour should be observable, so going into a third opportunity of working with the feet is optimal. With the lateral line established we can further the bi-Lateral and pre-vertebral support initiated in the second hour by working the internal midline including pelvic floor. Work to resolve tilt and shift in the pelvic girdle by addressing the primary contributors in the midline.

    The main Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth goals are to lengthen the midline and to initiate support of the legs through the pelvis by releasing lines of tension at the ramus of the ischium, perineum, and peritoneal cavity, thereby affecting pelvic floor. By de-rotating the tissue of the femur it is possible to normalize and balance this segment at the pelvis. The fascia of the rami of the pelvis must also be addressed to normalize the fascia of the femur. Horizontals at knees and ankles could be resolved by the end of this session.

    The direction of correction switches between most segments and must be understood and observed for the palintonic line to emerge. It should include differentiating the peronials from gastroc/soleus and quadriceps from adductors for hip extension. The sacro-tuberous ligament extending off hamstring attachment on both sides of the coccyx will be addressed to create space for the sacrum to breathe. Continue Rolfing the primary contributors to shift in the pelvic girdle. The back work will further consider side bends with rotations and develop the integration of the pelvis/spinal relationship in seated work by working LDH and trapezius.

    The first half of a two-part indirect diaphragm release can be done in this session and completed in session five so that potential in core by breath can emerge. This release is done with the client on their side and practitioner's hands gamma contacting pelvic and respiratory diaphragms with awareness on breath cycle. Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, or Massage Therapy are not substitutes for an Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Ten Series.