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Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas

  • Introduction

    The successful implementation of a Health Science Process Initiative (HSPI) is

    necessary for the U.S. Global Healthcare Initiative (GHI) to realize national improvements in the

    quality and safety of care. "Country ownership" is to be modeled in the U.S. for developing

    meaningful processes and outcomes for the reduction in cost associated with the GHI for global

    recipients of HSPI. Increasing quality and safety while reducing the cost of healthcare is the

    primary orientation of planning an HSPI and is the foundation of leading and managing the

    new program which includes developing the mission, goals, objectives, and policies necessary

    for successful program implementation and integration. Historically diagnostic errors have

    plagued health cares ability to navigate the terrains of corrective whole body therapies but the

    HSPI utilizes proven whole-body kinematic strategies for integrative intervention.