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Certified Rolf Movement \u00ae Practitioner

  • In a HSPI, dysfunctional patterns and segmental deviations are the primary issues to be

    able to identify and resolve. These primary issues are the primary cause of increased nociception

    and decreased function in deviations from structural homeostasis. The GHI and WHO have

    qualified practitioners in the field providing patient care but are subjected to the diagnostic errors

    that plague Western medicine and forms of corrective therapies and intervention. The ability to

    address pain management intervention in third-world countries with improved safety and quality

    is the objective of the HSPI . The U.S. GHI exhibits "Country ownership" to be modeled in the

    U.S. for developing these meaningful processes and outcomes for the reduction in cost

    associated with the GHI for global recipients of HSPI (Liebler, Gratto and McConnell, 2017).

    Increasing quality and safety while reducing the cost of healthcare is the primary orientation of

    planning a HSPI and is the foundation of leading and managing this new program for health

    and equality for all. The U.S. GHI predicts that the outcomes of running a national HSPI will

    provide situational leadership conducive for each region where a program is implemented and

    integrated into the current body of knowledge and modalities.