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10 Series Session 9

  • The goal of the Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth ninth hour would be to Integrate and balance the structure, utilizing all potential left in the lower girdle. Resolution of work at the greater trochanter, iliac crest, and Q.L. and the way it transitions down to the calcaneus is necessary. Integrate and feather work at hinges and horizontals from the feet to LDH. Close with some movement for further integration by standing in front and behind client and tracking, holding feet with the toes. Neck works with traction on Occiputs and feather the SCM in front. A pelvic lift is a great way to end.

    The rib cage is a great place to concentrate any additional time in the closing of the ninth hour. The ribs side bend and rotate with the fascia of the thorax and each segment so the more detailed the work is, the better. It does not take much effort or force to effect change in the inter costalis fascia of the thorax. I prefer to follow the perimeter of the ribcage from the costal arch to the sternal angle of Louis. Advanced Rolfing addresses fascial rotations in the ribs.

    Tilt and Shift in both girdles should be addressed for tight fascia. The Rolfing way to deal with decisions for eighth and ninth hours is to look at the obvious. Classically, whatever girdle was worked in eight the other would be worked in nine, so if you work the upper in eight you would bring the structure to its next higher level of order by working and integrating the work from previous hours with eight to strategize for the ninth. In eight you could work iliac crest with Q.L. and twelfth rib to create more length and span there. Work to resolve the lateral line relative to X, y, z working up to armpits and shoulders. Neck work seated back work, and pelvic lifts or pull will end the Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth ninth hour.

    Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, or Massage Therapy are not substitutes for an Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Ten Series.

    John Barton | Certified Advanced Rolfer \u00ae & Rolfing \u00ae Fort Worth-Dallas |

    Certified Rolf Movement \u00ae Practitioner