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Designing the Boho-Inspired Bedroom

  • Color and texture are crucial when creating a boho bedroom, so you should look for covers for your duvets that feature beautiful sun medallions that create an edgy atmosphere.

    Find duvet covers that have fringed edges or pom-poms for an added boho touch such as this Jungalow cover.


    Boho bedding comes with an eclectic combination of colors and patterns including celestial constellations to intricate goddess prints geometric patterns that are global, such as Aztec designs or bold botanical designs, creating an eclectic look to your bed! Bohemian beds will stand out thanks to patterns that add an edge of boho.

    Color-wise, earthy shades like rusty red and burnt orange pair well with natural wood, or neutral shades like beige and ivory. In addition, fuchsia, teal and marigold jewel tones frequently appear in bohemian bedrooms.

    Make a design statement in your bedroom by reversing your duvet cover that offers two distinct looks using only one cover! For example, this Royal Mansour duvet set has an eye-catching Moroccan design when turned upside down and then flip it over for more block-prints that are simple that still offer charm!

    Some duvet covers feature fringes or pom-poms around their edges to add an appealing boho style to your space. If you're looking for something that is less overwhelming, consider a cover with horizontally running tassels across the top of the cover for an understated layered effect that doesn't clash with our more bold patterns. As an additional touch, select colorful boho curtains that are a match to any of the shades from your duvet cover. This will bring all aspects of the room into the effect of a cohesive one.


    Bohemian bedding is known for mixing a variety of colors and patterns to create a unique design that expresses your personal aesthetic. Florals, paisleys, stripes and geometric shapes are some of the most popular patterns in bohemian bedding; fringe accents can add casual charm while helping tie the room together.

    Color is also crucial in boho decor, since it inspires wanderlust and stimulates curiosity. Boho chic hues consist of soft earth tones like tans, browns, whites and rich reds, oranges, yellows and purples - these colors are the perfect example of boho chic!

    Pattern mixing is a major element of boho design and is a great way to incorporate it in your room. You can try pairing two prints that share the same hue, such as two floral prints that are similar tones such as floral duvet covers that are embroidered and matching shams and solid bedding sheets with floral designs - an eye-catching combination!

    Boho bedding includes prints such as checks and polka dots that are easily combined with other styles to create a diverse look. If you prefer something a bit more modern, you can pair a neutral-colored duvet cover with boho blankets or throw pillows in vibrant hues to create an attractive multi-layered look that is sure to draw people's attention when you enter your bedroom.


    To add a boho feel for your room, consider the duvet covers that feature fringed edges. This easy method of giving bedding a bohemian vibe will instantly make it look stylish - the fringes or tassels are available in a variety of colors, and you're sure to find one that fits your room's colour scheme perfectly!

    An ideal way to add a boho vibe is to use a reversible duvet cover that lets you change the style of your bedroom to suit your needs Be it a variety of exotic patterns, soft neutrals or vibrant colors that express the person you are!

    Boho chic decor styles blend perfectly with all types of decor. This includes country and rustic themes, as well as contemporary spaces; however boho-chic works especially for bedrooms that require a creative, whimsical atmosphere needs to be created.

    With its space-themed charcoal patterns and a soothing cream background this quilt exudes positive energy into any space it enters. Bohemian stylish with easygoing global vibes, its simplicity encapsulating bohemianism. If you want a more minimalist approach of this style, layer bedding with neutral sheets and duvets, as well as decorative or patterned throw pillows that are fun and vibrant for an inviting bedroom; add ornamental accents like macrame or carved pillows to finish the look with a flair!


    Color and texture are the most important factors in boho bedding, ranging from floral patterns to geometric tassels. Reversible comforters allow for fast adjustments; just switch out pillow shams for new looks in just minutes!

    If you want to create a minimalist boho look choose an unisex duvet cover that has just one pop of saturation with a single hue. This will introduce bohemian charm in your bedroom without going too far.

    Textured duvet covers with fringes or tassels are a great choice, adding an element of boho to your bed. They are come in a variety of colors that match your furniture pieces. Furthermore, some come equipped with extra embellishment along the edges - providing your pillows with a touch of fashion!

    A great way to add boho flair to your bedroom is to hang tapestries, dreamcatchers, or other wall art made of woven material - such as tapestries and dreamcatchers - on the walls. Not only can these give your room a unique look and are a simple DIY project, but you can add exotic accents such as throws or area rugs with exotic patterns or texture; for an extra boho feel, consider adding dreamcatchers from travel or other souvenirs from your travels as accessories!