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Sky by Noriko

  • Sky by noriko is an adorable and flirty face-hugging bob that has soft feathery layers and a fringe that is adjustable and can be cut and worn in a forward direction or tucked in behind your ear.

    This top selling Noriko wig is also purchased with rooted colors for an additional cost; look at its separate list in Sky Rooted for more details.

    Sky by noriko is a short, face-framing bob with feathered layers as well as an understated side bangle. It is made using open wefts cap construction to ensure maximum lightness and comfort daily wear.

    Best Seller

    Sky is a stylish short, face-hugging bob style featuring layering of feathers and wispy endings - one of Noriko's most popular styles!

    This wig is available in many root colors, such as Sandy Silver-R and Iced-Mocha-R It is easy to choose the perfect shade match. The SKY is a must-have investment for any woman seeking to make her look more attractive with on-trend locks.

    The wig made of synthetic hair looks and feels just like natural hair while being light and breathable to provide all day relaxation. It features an open wefts cap for better air ventilation to help keep your scalp cool. It comes with a permatease cap that adds volume at its roots while being short to add volume and lift.

    The wig is machine-made and has adjustable tabs at the nape for the most secure fit. It comes in Large Cap size to comfortably fit women with larger heads. Additionally, the color ring provides direction when making your color choice.

    Soft Feathered Layers

    Sky is a sultry style with soft feathered layers boasting ample built-in volume at the crown, and an adorable fringe that can be styled either to one side or trimmed. Sky also uses revolutionary fiber technology, which adds dimension and depth to this contemporary style.

    Sky offers a range of colors to complement any look imaginable and can be customized by going to our Color & Details tab for the options available.

    Be aware of the fact that Sky Large Rooted version of the wig is available in standard colors and costs slightly less. Check out its description in the section titled Sky Large.

    Noriko provides stunning choices of chic wigs as well as long layers styles that range from the timeless hairstyles to the modern, perfect for every occasion. Their lightweight open wefted base allows for a more comfortable wear while their long-lasting closure net for flowers provides more style flexibility and comfort when styling their hairpieces. available in lengths of 4"-18". Length of fringe 5.6", length of the crown 5.2", Nape Length 3.6". The weight is 73 grams and manufactured in Japan

    Open Wefts Cap

    Sky of the Noriko Collection features a classic cap made of wefts with open wefts and permatease in the nape for maximum breathability and lightweight wear. A typical wefted cap, often referred to as the classic or basic wig cap is made up of hair that has been stitched on attached to fabric strips known as wefts. They are then weaved over the cap's head to replicate the growth of natural hair - making this an extremely commonly used and affordable cap designs that are available today.

    The cap with an open weave is identical to its conventional counterpart, yet is more natural in appearance and feel as its wefts are not as hefty, and have some breathing room between each row of wefts. Because it is less likely to loosen over time, it's often preferred by ladies with sensitive scalps that require wigs of lighter weight.

    Hand-tied caps come in various designs. Each fiber is hand tied onto the cap for more natural look and a lighter feel. However, ventilation may not be as great. In addition, wigs like these may require more care because their delicate nature demands more consideration than wefted cap wigs.

    Permatease Top

    To create a genuine parting and crown area Permatease-style synthetic wigs may be your best option. Permatease style refers to a layer of straight, short crimped or curled fibres placed within the cap to add the volume. It is typically found on standard machine-made toppers and wigs as it hides wefting, while giving a real teased look that could result in misinterpretations since damaged hair can begin to show signs of damage as time passes.

    This is not an issue and can easily be remedied by gently brushing the wig down particularly near the base. Jo from Bald Mother Tucker produced an in-depth live video about permatease, which is a common occurrence in hairstyles. Check it out below or go here for more information.

    A Monofilament top with lace fronts signifies that a piece of lace has been meticulously hand tied using individual hairs to achieve more realistic and flexible results than with traditional caps. While it is more costly, its superior quality and more realistic look more than justify the additional cost. A lace front monofilament top synthetic wig from BeautiMark's Shaping Cream can further enhance its realistic and flexible nature to give natural-looking results straight out of the box.