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Follea Wigs and Topettes

  • Follea Wigs has a wide selection of top quality European human hair-hair wigs as well as topettes designed specifically to address women suffering from thinning or hair loss.

    Rene is a classy entry-level wig made of World Select hair that offers comfort and breathability - making her perfect for daytime wear.

    Follea Wigs provides 100% hand-tied wigs of unrivaled craftsmanship and longevity in undetectable human hair front lace and back wigs. Talking to one of their experts will help choose the color and style best suited to your needs.


    Follea offers the Rene as an affordable entry-level wig that has exquisite workmanship to match. Crafted with World Select hair, it can be styled and washed like its bio counterpart easily.

    Rene is a wig that is hand tied which means that each hair are knotted individually to an elastic mesh base to provide maximum comfort and naturality. Available in different lengths and styles, you can customize it to fit your own unique style with the option of return hairs (shorter locks that are tied in place for extra volume) and colors to choose from, Rene can fit seamlessly into any lifestyle and situation.

    Follea's Style as well as Grandeur collections are among their finest products, with premium European hair with an inconspicuous front of lace that is completely undetectable to give natural-looking results that appear and feel utterly undetectable. These premium options provide top-quality hair and exceptional durability when compared with cheaper options.

    The wigs are available with a variety of shades that are matched to natural hair colors, and can even be colored to provide a truly customized look and feel. Our expert CARE specialists are available to guide you through the fitting and selection process to help you choose the right wig for your personality, style and lifestyle.

    It is important to note that if a cap does not mention a monofilament top or parting, the wig that goes with it will have permatease (short spikes on the top of head). In the event that this option is essential for you, get in touch with us prior to purchasing so we can perform a stock check and determine the availability.


    Follea's human hair 100% topettes and wigs combine the latest technology and stunning art to create a realistic look which reflect you as an unique person. From fuller density pixie wigs to more natural-looking volume styles, our Daniel Alain consultants are available to help you choose the right style and help restore you back to your authentic self back is within your reach!

    Follea offers exquisite wigs and hairpieces for women who are suffering from different types of thinning or loss of hair such as chemotherapy and alopecia, trichotillomania aging or genetics. Their skilled craftsmanship produces the most discreet yet natural-looking designs available on the market today.

    Style is the top of the line in high-end European hair wigs, featuring trademark return hair for more volume and an extended lace front that goes between temples for maximum realism. Softly woven lace front with bleached knots (for dark-colored hair wigs) and a handmade back adds a real-world dimension Silk-like spandex is used to prevent hair from inverting for a genuine natural look and feel.

    Follea's top-quality hair is tied to a light medical-grade silicone cap to provide the ultimate comfort and security while wearing their wig or topette throughout the daytime. Breathable caps allow your skin to breathe and keep hair in place throughout the day. Follea's toplets and wigs can be washed and last for up to two years with proper care.


    Grandeur is the crowning Follea achievement in its private reserve collection of hair. A masterpiece of the highest quality, Grandeur has movement and life with luxurious textures you must experience, giving you a an organic look that seamlessly blends into any hairstyle.

    Follea provides this style of medium density in five sizes. It is made with hand tied monofilament hairs or synthetic fibres individually tied to a mesh base for a natural appearance and less skin irritations for people who have difficulty with wigs wefted by a weave or suffer from sensitive skin.

    If your hair is very thin, a lighter density monofilament synthetic might be the best choice - otherwise the thickness will appear to be too large in comparison to your hair and needing light weight material can create visual distortions. If unsure what the best choice for you is, don't hesitate to reach out - our staff can always check the wigs' stock on hand!

    Follea understands the hardship of loss of hair for millions of women worldwide - whether from chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern hair loss or trichotillomania Follea's mission is to offer premium wigs and toppers that are undetectable regardless of the circumstances.


    Follea offers toppers to those who do not require full wigs or hairpieces. They can be easily clipped on existing hair to give an invisible and beautiful appearance. These toppers can be shampooed, groomed, and styled as other natural-growing locks to give the most realistic experience you can get!

    The Gripper line of toppers was specifically created for women living in Alopecia by women who suffer from it. Contrary to conventional wigs that are wefted they feature an FDA-approved silicone perimeter that allows your scalp to breathe and creates a secure comfortable fit. They come in 4 lengths and 4 cap sizes to provide a personalized fit with 13 beautiful colors which could be highlighted professionally in the event of need.

    Rene is the ideal basic wig that is made from World Select hair and features stunning natural volume with extraordinary craftsmanship. The style is evolving thanks to this 100 percent hand-tied style that balances comfort with security for an easy, light, comfortable and breathable fit - including FOLLEA's new natural skin top with hidden knots that give a real hairline and scalp appearance.

    Follea Wigs' Grandeur collection offers the highest level of luxury elegant, sophisticated, and class made from their own collection of luxurious European hair. You can wear your Grandeur up, down, braided or half-dos to create the hair style that you've always wanted!