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Consuela Notebook Covers

  • Include color and fashion to your stationary collection with Consuela Cloth Notebook Covers, which come with reusable covers that are loaded with composition notebooks like that of the Mandy Cloth Cover Notebook from Consuela Cloth Notebook Covers. With its vibrant blue skies and a reinforced stitching design the blue skies of this notebook are sure to brighten your day. - 7 3/4" x 10 1/2" dimensions, plus a notepad and produced in the USA!


    Steely is our dark tooled leather notebook cover, with its unique design will stimulate imagination and enhance your work. Boasting our signature Consuela emblem patch as well as reinforced stitching Steely will stand out everywhere you go and measures 7 1/2"x10 1/2" with composition notebook included!

    Sturdy and strong individuals or appearances; a sense of determination and strength according to Webster's New World College Dictionary 4th Edition.

    She was determined to remain loyal for her beloved husband. Her strong resolve will assist her to overcome any obstacles ahead. In the event of a match against one of her opponents they were confident that she would prevail since she had talent, beauty and determination into one package; thus showing she was worthy of being victorious.


    Make a striking addition to your collection of stationery by purchasing Kit, a notebook with a consuela cover with a the metallic leopard design. The stylish set comes with a reusable cover loaded with a composition notebook that will start journaling right away. The reinforced stitching and the leather logo patch embellish its sleek style for a striking look. Unleash your creativity and give your creative freedom its proper home with this conuela notebook by Juanis made in Silver color using satin polyester material.

    Debossed Angel

    Angels provide comfort to those experiencing grief through reminding grievers that loved relatives are in the hands of God. High-Quality: This brown haired angel has a debossed message reading "Guardian Angels sent from the Heavens Above" as well as intricate flower and butterfly patterns on its back face. Made of polyresin, the gift stands 8.25 inches tall, making it a perfect keepsake to remember those lost.

    Sophie adds vibrant color and fun to your notebook collection with its eye-catching floral and heart cover design making your notes and sketches an extra vibrancy! 7 1/2"x10 1/2" composition notebook is included to make it easy. To care for it properly you should dust it lightly with a dry, clean cloth when needed.