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Follea Wigs and Topettes

  • Follea Wigs high-end Topettes and wigs give women suffering from hair loss with a natural-looking solution that are soft, breathable, and almost undetectable to the naked eye.

    Rene is a stunning human hair wig with a higher density made from World Select hair and designed with unbeatable craftsmanship, providing affordable luxury at a low cost.


    Follea wigs and topettes have been made to be lightweight and breathable, comfortable hairpieces that can be washed, conditioned and styled like natural hair - they are even undetectable! Follea's high-end luxury hairpieces can even be worn for women suffering from alopecia, chemotherapy, or other hair loss disorders.

    Rene is Follea's best entry level wig made with high-quality hair that retains a portion of its cuticle structure providing maximum wearability on any head size or length. Available in various sizes and lengths to meet the needs of all.

    Chic is a gorgeous wig that is focused on volume! Made from silky, woven lace fronts and bleached knots that barely appear to the naked eye for authentic hair appearance. Chic offers versatile wearability in its natural beauty.


    Style will assist you in achieving flawless locks throughout the day with its lightweight fit as well as the signature returning hair technique by Follea to create seamless added volume in this premium human hair wig. Pick from a wide color palette and length options to fully customize it; the wig will look and feel like it's on your head.

    Chic is a topper designed for thin crowns, which adds fullness and volume that creates a soft face-framing silhouette. Breathable and comfortable to wear for all day, it comes with an extended front of lace that is adorned with knots bleached for a natural hairstyle.


    Chic is designed with sleek elegance in the mind of. Crafted with premium European processed hair that is expertly designed to appear natural in hairline with softly woven in lace for maximum security, Chic offers sleek style at its finest.

    Hand tied hairs give this lace front human hair wig a genuine appearance, and are a testament to its longevity and craftsmanship in terms of construction and design.

    Follea Wigs has a wide range of styles, lengths, and caps to suit the needs of each individual customer. If you need help choosing your ideal piece, contact us and set up a consultation so we can guide you through this process We look forward to helping you find your perfect fit!

    Gripper Lite

    Discover your ideal hair by using the Gripper Light, our stylish hairstyle designed for those living with a complete or partial hair loss. It is designed to fit a variety of styles, its softly woven the lace front and silicone medical grade perimeter offer a secure but comfortable fit for people of any hair type.

    Ashley enjoys that her Gripper is a wig that lets her embrace life regardless of where it takes her - whether in the mountains hiking or working out at the gym! As a passionate advocate of opening up about her own journey to wig-wearing, so that other women with hair loss are able to accept and find their perfect option, Ashley advocates openly about the wig and her journey with it.

    Chic is a popular choice to wear hand-tied caps with fronts of lace, which provide a nearly undetectable natural hairline when worn down or braided and creates a stunning natural hairline when braided or worn down. She cautions that machine wefted sides may become visible with high ponytails or buns, which is why brushing and maintaining her wig regularly is recommended to ensure optimal results.

    Gripper Actif

    FOLLEA hair wigs are the ideal combination of artistry and technology. They are made entirely by hand-tying human hair front wigs with lace which are light yet secure glue-less fits FOLLEA's 100% tied human hair lace front wigs offer comfortable wear without tape or glue restrictions, and are therefore not restricted.

    Follea's Gripper collection is designed to provide maximum grip and protection, secured by medical-grade silicon Gripper panels, which suction to hair and have hypoallergenic.

    With stunning hair from the top collectors, the Gripper Collection includes everything you require. Schedule a personal consultation today to experience how it can change your life!


    Follea's Grandeur 16/21 "private reserve" wig features exquisite European hair with cuticles that are intact for the highest quality and elegance. It features layers that provide effortless naturalness and stunning images.

    Chic is a versatile designer hairstyle that is perfect for any situation. When worn down or up or braided delicately weaved, lace front makes a virtually undetectable hairline.

    Topettes work by adding extra coverage on top, the area where hair loss is the more prevalent. Available in a range of colors, lengths and styles, including light pieces that have medical-grade silicone perimeters and a silicone perimeter Topettes add depth and dimension but aren't noticeable or undoable. Follea also provides lightweight Gripper caps that keep the caps in place with no tension or discomfort to ensure the most comfortable and secure wear.


    Toppers are an ideal method to create low density areas with coverage quickly and comfortably, and provide early signs of hair loss the ability to style like the hair of their own.

    Follea provides the finest 100 100% natural European human hair topettes and wigs that are virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye. mixing technology with art to create stunning human hair wigs that are lace-front which leave no trace of hair left behind.

    William Collier Design is honored to be an official FOLLEA Atelier that abides by strict standards in offering only top high-end hair products. Our team of experts can help you through each step of fitting, selection and design to create your own unique style Visit us today! Schedule a consultation.