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Add a Touch of Comfort to your stationery collection with Consu

  • Cloth

    Cloth notebook covers provide a tactile experience while adding color and comfort ideal for imprinting designs or book information onto the covers. Additionally, their flexibility ensures they are more durable and less costly than leather covers - great options for personalized gifting and themed giveaways at events! Also, felt notebook covers provide a comfortable writing sessions. They are perfect for you're enjoying a cup of coffee!

    Consuela fabric covers are equipped with a composition notebook that can help you begin your journey, with refills being available in store as well as online.


    Give color and personality your stationery collection using the Consuela Cloth Notebook Cover! This cover can be reused and comes with a Composition Notebook so you can start journaling from the moment you open it. Reinforced stitching and the signature leather logo patch make the cover look more professional, urging you to Make Today Absolutely Awesome on its cover! 7 3/4" Wide by 10 1/2 Inches High Hand-made from the USA (See other colors available and find out what it is as a present!)

    The color might differ slightly, and expedited shipping isn't available because this item comes directly from the maker.


    Create Your Day Unbelievably Amazing with a Consuela Mandy Paper Notebook Cover! With reinforced stitching and the iconic logo patch in leather This vibrant addition to your stationery collection includes reinforcement stitching for greater strength, while the composition notebook inside provides the ability to write in a matter of seconds. Choose from multiple color options for a vibrant bright color to your workspace!

    Call us for a shipping estimate prior to placing an order for this product internationally.

    Sticky Notes

    Bring some color and imagination to your notebook collection with these folios that feature our iconic Estee floral design on tear-off pad and sticky notes that are perfect for organising lists, reminders, doodles and doodles. Plus they're fitted with a composition notebook so you can start writing from the moment you open them! Fair Trade Certified and lovingly handcrafted from Cambodia; Fair Trade Certified as well! Fair Trade Certified as well with four retractable gel pens included and 8 pens in a set. Gift box.