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Sky is by Noriko Wigs

  • Sky by noriko is an elegant hairstyle with delicate feathery layers. A top seller, Sky provides many ways to enhance and compliment any look.

    Features a standard wig cap construction with durable close-toed flower nets on the top with open wefted back sides with a lighter weight and an elastic band that can be adjusted at nape for fit adjustment; comes in various shades that complement your skin tone. Comes with a repositionable elastic band at nape for adjustments to the nape with ease.

    Product Description

    Enhance your look with SKY the eye-catching short wig featuring feathery layers for effortless style. Soft, easy-care feathery layers provide an elegant and timeless bob look, complete with added confidence. Available in a variety of rooted shades such as Iced Mocha-R and Sandy Silver so you're sure to find the right shade that compliments your unique color scheme.

    Noriko's best seller features an attractive bob with the wispy, feathered edges that are perfect for flattering any facial shape. From its slender bang to razored pieces along its borders, this top selling wig looks effortlessly put together. It is made of synthetic hair that feels natural to touch; open wefting in its cap lets air flow better so that this light-weight wear is all day long - and features adjustable Velcro tabs on its nape for extra safety and a better fit.

    Sky Rooted also comes in a Large Cap option, approximately 1.5" bigger than its original size. Check out the listing beneath Sky Rooted for more details.

    Product Features

    Sky from Noriko collection is a striking short bob with feathered layers and wispy ends that is face-framing yet versatile enough for daily wear by pulling it back or tucking behind the ear, as well as trimming to any desired length.

    Open wefted construction permits better air circulation, which keeps your hair cool all day. A permatease top adds natural volume to give an authentic appearance that looks and feels just like your own hair. It is lightweight, breathable as well as comfortable all day long.

    The style is available in a variety of colored rooted shades, including Iced Mocha-R and Sandy Silver so that you can pick the one that best suits your face and style. Utilize a color ring to get the most accurate depiction of how this shade will appear to your face.

    Also available in a Large Cap size that is about 1.5" larger than its counterpart; please see its individual listing for more details.

    Product Options

    Sky by noriko is a face-frame hairstyle with feathered layers and wispy ends, made for wear every day. This ready-to-wear synthetic wig looks and feels natural, featuring open wefting that allows for better air ventilation during wear, as well as adjustable tabs for the nape as well as ear tabs that add fit and security. Available as a normal cap construction and in large cap size.

    Sky comes in various rooted colors such as Iced Mocha and Sandy Silver to best fit any complexion or fashion. Pick one that will instantly elevate your look while giving you confidence of sporting an on-trend and fashionable outfit.

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