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Feather Earings

  • Feather earrings and big earrings have been a hit on fashion runways this season, signifying an increase in bolder expression. They can be worn to casual brunches and formal evening events alike, these pieces create unique expressions of your personal style and help to showcase your individuality.

    Attach feather bundles to the end of V-shaped heap pins to create stunning earrings that dangle with a graceful movement. This technique allows feathers to be dangled laterally and vertically for an attractive effect.


    Feathers are elegant and lightweight accessory that can add a dash of class to any outfit. Wear one as part of your style statement, or wear them as part of your wedding or special occasion decor. Feathers also come in various materials like brass and sterling silver to decorate your outfit.

    These dangle earrings are an easy and stylish way to show your individuality! Making them is simple, and they'll look fantastic with any outfit - they also make excellent gifts!

    Gather and make some feathers for use in your earrings. Start by stripping off any fluffy bits at the top, before carefully aligning the feathers so they all face in one direction, and then securing them using an elongated crimp bead. Feel free to add additional beads or charms now If you wish!

    When your design for your earrings is completed, it's time to craft the headpin. In order to do this you'll require round-nose pliers and an end of the head with a flat end; use the pliers to grasp this length to a crimp bead's length its end, and make the pin bend until it is parallel with feathers and the crimp bead.


    Feather earrings are becoming increasingly fashionable over time and can create a stunning statement without being overstated or understated simultaneously. Feathers earrings can also make an ideal DIY project as well as a gift idea for the jewelry maker who has just started out!

    To create a pair of feather earrings, you'll require several supplies. Begin by choosing two feathers of equal dimensions and shapes. They must be in good condition with no cuts or markings. Choose a headpin with a flat head and cut it up to 6 inches (15.2 cm). Wire cutters and strong cutting tools are ideal for this step.

    Once your headpin is ready and you are ready to start making the actual earrings. Take one feather and remove the fluffy bits on the top, before placing it on one finger so its ends are in line with the headpin. Then, stack another feather atop this one to ensure that the flat side faces toward its barbs instead of toward your fingers.

    Then, use the copper solder paste to secure a small piece to the pin's end and secure it to keep the headpin in the correct position. Repeat this process with the next earring.


    Feather earrings can be an elegant and versatile element to any outfit, while making a fantastic accessory to any jewelry collection. Feathers are lightweight and don't weigh you down, making them suitable for long days of wear. Feathers also work perfectly at both formal and informal events like dinner dates or weddings!

    Select feathers of similar size and shape when crafting earrings using feathers. Choose colours that complement your outfit and the overall style. For instance, white feathers are the best choice to Boho styles, while black feathers are more informal wearability.

    Cutting a 6-inch length of wire using your wire cutters or strong scissors. After the length is cut, put an crimp bead on the other end. Use round nose pliers to hold it about an inch's away from the. Change pliers as necessary in order to shape its straight end so it meets with feathers evenly.

    Start by twisting both edges of wire together and then wrap it around your feather bundle. Repeat this process until all the feather bundles have been wrapped and tied securely at their base with knotted wires.


    Feathers have been long acknowledged as powerful symbols across cultures and they have made their way into fashion. Feathers represent hope, freedom and protection, as well as symbols from above or as a message from loved ones who have passed on. Bohemian style often incorporates feather earrings in its look while adding the unique aspect. Feather earrings can add that touch of wild to your look for any occasion while simultaneously giving the natural appeal that every woman strives for.

    These dangle earrings are lightweight and feature hand-cut genuine leather feathers together with nickel-free antique bronze ear wires to make these lightweight and versatile Dangle earrings. They are perfect for formal events or for everyday wear, you can make these dangle earrings light but attractive dangle earrings with jeans and white T-shirt to create the perfect casual look!

    The dangle earrings come with sterling silver as well as rose gold to highlight their intricate engraving. A rose gold-colored finish flows through the center, giving this piece an organic vibe while its hand-wrapped feather section gives a fun and unique look to your look.

    These gorgeous silver feather earrings originate from award-winning Native American artists of Arizona and New Mexico tribes, featuring intricate carvings with exquisite details that feature genuine gemstones such as amber, coral, turquoise, and amethyst - each piece is a unique artwork that you can wear for a long time.