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 Sky from Noriko - A Fashionable and Confident Style That Flatt

  • Sky by noriko is a small, face-framing bob with thin layers of feathers and wavy ends, and is one of the top sellers at Noriko. Suitable for most facial structures and colors.

    These lightweight and breathable wig caps are available in both roots and ombre colors with adjustable straps on the nape for different ways to style them, such as forward wearing, tucking behind ears or trimming. Their fringe can be styled forward for frontward facing appearances or cut down as desired for trimming purposes. Additionally, their sturdy flower net top allows air circulation while their lightweight design with breathable and lightweight features allows for comfortable wear and use.

    Product Description

    Sky by norikooffers a fashionable and confident style, which flatters any face with its curly bangs that are wavy and layered layers. Additionally, its back is tapered and flipped to create a captivating look - its feminine silhouette remains unparalleled within the industry.

    This short length ready-to-wear synthetic female wig comes with adjustable Velcro tabs to allow for a custom fitting, making this Noriko model the top-selling of all! They also have the wig in a Large Cap size, which is approximately 1.5" bigger than the original size.

    The softly layered short bob-style style wig by noriko offers maximum styling versatility, and the fringe around the face can be worn forward or behind the ears for all-day relaxation. Easy and lightweight for all-day wearing, making the Sky an ideal option to add to your collection of short-length wigs for women.

    Product Features

    Sky is an attractive short bob that has feathered layers and wispy ends that flatter all facial shapes, and is among our best selling items! From its thinned bang to its razored edges around the border, this synthetic wig looks and feels natural while its open wefting cap allows better air ventilation ensuring an extra cool and comfortable wearing experience for you!

    Sky Wig is available in numerous colors and gradient shades, as well as root options that have dark shadowed roots. To see all available choices look up the color chart. Large sizes are also available as regular non-gradient colors.

    Noriko hairpieces are crafted with great care, and this style is no exception. With adjustable tabs on the nape back area to adjust and secure the shape, and a light and breathable material to wear all day. Additionally, the closed flower net top provides extra lift. Wear it forward or wear it behind the ears, or trim it for your own personalized style; The SKY is an excellent illustration of how Noriko blends fashion and comfort for an eye-catching look!

    Specifications of the Product

    Sky is a stylish short bob featuring feathered layers and wispy edges, featuring thinned bangs and the razored edges around it to create a casual elegance. The lightweight and breathable construction provides all-day comfort, perfect for long-lasting days out.

    With a variety of colors available, this chic wig can easily enhance your everyday fashion. Its versatility also allows it to be trimmed and tucked behind ears, or cut for more individualized options.

    Available in rooted colors, Sky can be worn by itself or layered with BeautiMark Shaping Cream for more volume and definition. With its open wefted sides and back for superior air ventilation and straps that can be adjusted around the nape for an easy fitting, Sky makes for a more comfortable synthetic wig over other. SKY Large Rooted is also available if larger sizes are required - refer to the separate listing.

    Product Options

    Sky Sky, one of Noriko's top sellers over the many years, has an updated wispy style that will suit almost everyone. Feathered layers and razored edges make this style a necessity for those who wear wigs with a smart style; its feathered layers and razored edges will make you appear effortlessly put together and ready to tackle any challenge with this synthetic wig that is short and with an open wig cap construction for comfortable all day wear.

    Sky comes in a variety of roots, ranging from Iced Mocha-R to Sandy Silver R. Give yourself a color ring and find out why this wig has become so popular among women across the globe. We also offer it with an extended cap size that provides more protection and comfort; see its own listing in the section Sky Rooted for details.